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  • GH Kids
    GHKids Online Programs for Mommy Therese

    Teacher Shannah was able to help my child’s learning with her creative methods. I was hesitant to enrol my son in online classes since his attention may not be fit for virtual learning but thanks to Teacher Shannah, he enjoys his school and looks forward to it.

  • GH Kids
    Teacher Shannah's Learner Specific Methods

    I appreciate teacher Shannah's efforts and innovative ideas which helped draw my child's attention and made her learning more enjoyable. She has been so patient and friendly during online classes.

  • WSTC
    Ivan Saw the Light in WSTC

    Ivan saw the benefits of being an Information Technology student in Western Sydney Technology College. WSTC provides students with a strong foundation to live up to their Australian qualifications.

  • australia
    Public School Teacher Explores Opportunities in Australia

    Music Teacher, Christine Marie Navarro de Roxas , has been teaching for 4 years in a public school. With the help of GHCareer, she was able to find an opportunity to add to her qualifications by studying in Australia.

  • WSTC
    GHCareer Sets Your Australian Qualifications Straight

    Working on your Australian Qualifications while waiting for the borders to open is the wisest move you can do now. Currently I am working as a marketing executive and e-commerce coordinator in Doha, Qatar.