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Claude GM Sta. Clara Testimonials

Working with Claude was a truly enlightening experience. He patiently walked me through so many concepts and techniques and learning from him was memorable because of his demeanour -- his positive attitude and confidence made our time together invaluable. 

- Isa Garcia

Writer and Teacher




Claude is a very precise coach and trainer, quite articulate in his teachings, not mention he is an actuarian as well

- Imee Navarro

MDAD office Quezon City Hall


One word that would best describe Mr. Claude Sta. Clara is EMPATHY, which I think, is the best trait that any trainer should possess. He has the ability to mirror back to  you your ideas and feelings and make you see them with fresh eyes. Having seen them with fresh eyes, you know gain understanding of what it was that puzzled you. Thus, his EMPATHY leads you to CLARITY, which is really the principal purpose of all training programs. Claude is a master of this. Certainly, all those who have experienced his training and mentorship, through Claude's empathetic ways, have been led to clarity in their understanding of how to deal with situations that made them confused and nonplussed. We certainly hope that you will also experience the same when you avail of his services with an open mind.

- Albert Zabala

  Consultant, Educational Leader


NLP Training


Claude has been known for more than 20 years. His particular approach to human behaviour is impressively dynamic: Person-centred and ecologically meaningful. I have worked with him and love his training techniques and his way of delivering a message is impeccable. Claude is one of a kind trainer

- Yorgos Lam

Registered Clinical Counsellor in British Columbia, Canada


Claude has been studying to be certified as a coach long before it was a fad. To me, it is quite marvellous to see how many people he has helped with his coaching. I have been teaching psychology since 1999 and dare I say, I still get to learn more about the mind attending his seminars.

- Dr. Joanna Eunice Parungao

UP Diliman


NLP Training