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Dreaming Big During the Pandemic - Study Abroad!

Dreaming big during the pandemic is impossible, but not for Angel Florence Pua! This lovely gal with a big heart is determined to pursue her dreams. Last year she took Entrepreneurship, Making an Impact, and Research Skills from EtonX online. When majority of kids her age are confused with what to do during the lockdown, Angel was busy upgrading  

Angel has always been fascinated about the human mind. She is also keenly interested in Philosophy which is not surprising since it is the mother of all knowledge on thought processes. With that, she hoped to finish her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology in her dream university, Macquarie University, Australia. 

GHCareer nurtures dreams like Angel’s. Through sincere career pathway consultation, Angel was able to get admitted in her dream university and get her student visa approved! Once the boarder opens, Angel will be breathing the air in Macquarie University Australia!

When asked about what the future feels like …

“I feel elated, like a heavy weight has been taken off from my shoulders concerning the future. I'm the type of person who always has a plan but everything became unclear because of COVID-19. Because you guys in GHCareer are constantly hoping for me and suggesting to me things I can do, it really gave our family hope that my dreams may come true. If it weren't for Ms. Ai and Ms. Juno, I might have sacrificed my dream and settled for less.”

When asked for her advice to other young people like her…

“Always be open to try anything although sometimes life may feel hopeless. Life surprises you in a million beautiful ways, the way you get to your dreams may not be what you had imagined on the onset!

Lastly, Angel also wants to express her thanks to GHCareer and to her Senior High School – Meridian International College.

“Thank you GHCareer. It was your constant checking if I want to try out new things in my darkest days that helped me to get up and start hoping again. I also would like to express my thanks to MINT College, the place where I discovered myself and what truly matters.”