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GHCareer congratulates Angelica Landicho for Finishing Her AU Diploma

Being with students in their journey has been very personally meaningful for us in GHCareer. It fills us with great joy to see them enjoy the fruits of their labor. That is why we are proud of Ms. Angelica Landicho, the 25 year old Filipina who finished her Advanced Diploma from Western Sydney Technology College Australia. Angelica has been working in Doha, Qatar since September 2019, although unfettered by the limitations of the pandemic, she continued to pursue her dream to migrate in Australia by working on her Australian Qualifications while waiting. This is how GHCareer can help. We do not only check your eligibility, we also help you be more confident with your credentials. If you are looking for opportunities that best suits you, contact us  and let us chart the courses to your dream career.