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My Journey to Australia

My studies here in Australia have brought new meaningful experiences in my life. I have learned that any ambition is attainable as long as you are brave enough to keep the faith - faith in yourself and faith in God.

At the airport, I felt nervous and excited! The feelings of doubt where at the back of my head. I guess this is true for anyone who has arrived to a new place for the first time. When I looked at the documents I have clutched in my hand, I remembered why I am here. I got accepted in Rhodes International College with scholarships to boot! I would not have thought this possible if not for GHCareer. That immediately banished the clouds of doubt from my head.

When I got to Sydney Harbour, I was so excited that I will finally get to see the famous Sydney Opera House and this time, not in pictures! It is truly a marvelous structure. The shape of the roof is a distinct art form! No wonder the opera house became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

I also visited the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Tower Eye. If you do not have fear of heights, the Sydney Tower Eye is for you! Looking through the telescope is like looking at the vast potential possibilities this place can offer me. Indeed, studying here not only gives you quality international education, it also offers relaxing sceneries and exciting outdoor adventures!

I can't help but feel a sense of fulfillment while walking by the harbour. It felt like all the challenges in my past have brought me to this place. It is truly a wonderful feeling to realize I can design my career. For that I have GHCareer to thank for.

@ the Sydney Airport
@ the Sydney Opera House


Sydney Harbour Bridge
@ The Sydney Tower Eye
My new school - Rhodes International College AU