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Why Australians Make Good Employers

My freelance career started in late 2015 as a result of endless worrying and finally taking a chance on remote work as a strategic move in the right direction. 6 years ago, remote work didn’t have a handbook or articles written about it. It was this vast hole in the employment market that few people took since there was no need for it. 

I started looking for clients. At first, they were individuals. Some relaxed and some generous with their resources. I then became open to work with SMEs. When the clients build up and your portfolio starts to grow, by form of habit, you will unconsciously profile work cultures. Hence how I came up with the title of this article. 

Why do Australians make good employers? I didn’t come up with this conclusion on my own. Business World Online has cited in 2021 that Australia is one of the Top 3 countries that Filipino employees seek out remote work to since 2020. (Business World Online, 2021) Furthermore, my topic sentence comes in considering three factors: (i) professionalism, (ii) work culture and (iii) compensation. 


Australians are more laid-back than their North American counterparts and this extends to requirements and friendly work communications. But this is no means a hint to slow down your pace; simply a matter of taking time to understand the assignment. 

Australians honor their contracts and are keen on fair compensation therefore they do expect quality output. As an employee, you would not feel the need to second guess as to why they employed you. Pre-employment testing can be challenging and thorough so when you are hired, you can bet that they are certain that you are the candidate. 

And since the process of hiring becomes selective as each stage passes, being employed means Aussie employers would want to keep you for the long haul or, in project-based cases, your professional connections can be kept as reference for future engagements

Work Culture 

As someone who has worked remotely for an Australian client, work culture by Australians is a dynamic and interactive one. More video-to-video sessions with the boss and open communications increases the quality of your output. It is definitely a ‘work with’ rather than a ‘work for’ set-up. You are seen as collaborators more than an employee, which is a refreshing change from the horizontal hierarchy that most companies have in the PH. 

Australian employers are big with technology. My employer was the one who introduced me to different types of apps that made my work easier and I applied this to my personal project management.  This has a similar dynamic with regards to concerns in instructions and requests of a task/project. Assume that your Australian team is in the room and the experience will be collaborative. 

Australians are the most preferable overseas employers by Filipinos due to the time zone. There is little adjustment in Australian and Philippine times so a 9AM-5PM morning job is more likely (with slight adjustments in different areas where your client is). Working in the morning often boosts efficiency and does not ruin much of your body clock. This also means that work turnover is in real time. 


Aussie employers have a price bracket for an employee’s regardless of your experience. Whether what applies to you is the lower or upper end of the bracket, you will still be paid your value within that range. This is vis a vis other clients in different locations where pay differs in every company. Because Australian companies are very much in remote work, there is already an estimate as to how much a job title earns. In my case, I was not the most seasoned of writers but I was able to receive a full salary without negotiation. 

This comes as a bonus but Australian firms may compensate applicants during the exam process on the belief that the applicant’s time was valuable. This happens on a company basis and does not happen for all Australian companies. Getting paid in Australian dollars should not be a cause to worry as the salary given is already converted to Philippine peso. 


Interested more about Australian working culture or STUDY to WORK and MIGRATE Pathways to Australia? Feel free to contact GH Career Management Consultants on their course offerings complete with details and benefits. 

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