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Migration & Career Consultation

Charting an Individual's Career Path 

Migration Consultation

Looking for greener pastures?

We can give you a free assessment to check how you can start your Permanent Residency or migration processing. We specialise in student, work, and tourist visas.  We can help you plan your career path better by familiarising you with the required documents and options that you can consider in order to achieve your dreams faster while spending less.

How do we do this?

  1. Email your updated resume. We will assess what other qualifications you need so that you won't waste time and money with trial and error.
  2. We shall help you with the visa documentation and application by giving you a clear set of requirements
  3. Depending on your career pathway, we can help with the preparation and registration for English Proficiency Exams

Interested, send your resume right away to for your Free Assessment or call +63 917 706 7884 for your assurance. 

What our Livestream video with Atty. Rochelle Castro of RC&Co Lawyers Australia

Soft Skills Short Courses

The smartest person in the office pales in comparison with the one with great soft skills. Do you need to brush up on your soft skills? We have the soft skills courses that HR professionals are looking for in applicants. These online courses are self-paced and personally meaningful. Unlike technical skills, the benefits of soft skills last a lifetime.

  • These flexible courses can be self-study mode or virtual class mode. For virtual classes, you will be part of a class handled by a tutor in London.
  • Self-study courses are sufficient for 7 to 10 hours, but if you are busy, the course is valid for 12 months.
  • After successfully completing the course, you get a signed EtonX transcript and an EtonX certificate signed by the Headmaster of Eton College London.

Get your ideas and opinions heard and develop influencing skills to increase your leadership capabilities with our Making an Impact course. Become more assertive, learn how to ask the right questions, build trust and empathy and learn how to influence others.

Globalization and rapid technological change mean that we face more complex information in greater volume. This foundation course is essential in the workplace for decision making, organizational planning, risk management, and problem solving.

Our CV Writing course will help you to sell yourself by helping you identify your skills and abilities. You will build a great CV and learn how to write a cover letter, adapt your CV to specific sectors and get your CV noticed.

This course will help you come up with many innovative ideas, to craft those ideas, and apply them in your life. You will also develop your skills in creative expression, both verbally and visually and learn how to see problems from different perspectives.

Public speaking takes many forms, from delivering a formal speech to explaining an idea to your colleagues. This course makes it possible for everyone to improve their performance, overcome nerves and leave the audience with a positive impression.

Communication is a vital skill which can help in many areas of your life such as sharing ideas, making plans, and working with others. During the course, you will learn how to build rapport and maintain good conversation, learn how to choose the right language, use your voice effectively, and how to handle difficult conversations.

Globalization and rapid technological change mean that we face more complex information in greater volume. This foundation course is essential in the workplace for decision making, organizational planning, risk management, and problem solving.

The course will help you feel more capable and in control of your life. During the course, you will keep a Resilience Log to gain insights to your emotions and start to manage your wellbeing. You will also get advice from a qualified life coach to learn processes for developing greater resilience.

You will learn how to approach different types of interview with a positive attitude. In order to feel more confident when faced with an interview, you will look at ways to identify your traits, values and interests and we will introduce you to different types of interview questions and show you how to structure your answers.

Gain the skills you need to generate, develop and refine your business ideas and the confidence you need to start pitching your vision to others. Maximize your chances of founding a successful business by learning how to identify opportunities and business principles used in start-ups and large corporations.  

Positive Psychology in the Workplace

Positive psychology based courses that teach practical skills for dealing with culture, diversity, and the human condition in the work context. These online programs were developed to be relevant and relatable with careful consideration to your organizational climate. To help you unveil your full potential, we have synthesized what's important in the scientific research behind Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Neuro-Semantics, Self-Actualization Psychology, and Positive Psychology to design activities that give you all the benefits of the science but without the heavy technical jargon.


We do not believe in one-size-fits-all that is why our programs are fully customized based on your preferred topics and schedule.

  • Mindfulness @ Work – unleash creativity, innovation, and use uncertainty to your benefit
  • Well-Being Online – choose from our Personal Power, Work Alignment, and Problem Solving modules
  • Whole Brain Thinking – how to better deal with issues and protect your mind
  • The Secret to Motivating your Team – learn to energize, engage, and boost your team’s performance
  • The Leader’s Brain – bringing neuroscience to the business community; the secret to working happier
  • Work-Life Balance – learn how to set boundaries and manage conflicting demands
  • Coaching Demystified – gain insight how our brain makes decisions; get genuine coaching methods
  • Online Team Building – we provide a menu of complementing soft and hard skills to help build a stronger and better team
  • Positive Psychology Online - practical applications for positive living and improving relationships with yourself and others

To learn more about your trainer/consultant, click HERE.

The Complete Career Pathway Services

Why choose us ?

Our migration specialists are here to listen to your goals and priorities. We are here to assist you in building your international qualifications, as well as, the documentation and processing of your visa. Our aim is to help you achieve your PR (permanent residency).

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